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Now is the time to start planning a retirement filled with a thousand wishes

The Retirement Fitness Plan

At EGSI Financial, we know that your financial health is more than just your investments which is why we created The Retirement Fitness Plan™. The Retirement Fitness Plan is a personalized and comprehensive plan designed exclusively for you. Our approach encompasses all aspects of financial health, addressing not just one component but all five worlds of wealth. By adopting this holistic perspective, we strive to optimize our clients’ financial well-being, ensuring they are in the best possible shape for retirement.

Income Planning

Our primary objective is to provide you with enhanced financial stability and certainty, ensuring that you can comfortably cover your expenses on a monthly basis throughout your lifetime. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive range of services, including thorough income and expense analysis, strategic Social Security maximization, effective inflation planning, meticulous spousal planning, and proficient organization, tracking, and testing of your financial plan.

Investment Planning

Once your income is established, we will craft a personalized investment plan to optimize the management of your remaining investable assets that are not required for your day-to-day expenses. This plan encompasses a range of crucial elements, such as a comprehensive assessment of your risk tolerance, transparent fee structures, diligent control over market volatility, and strategic coordination of assets to align with and accomplish your financial objectives.

Tax Planning

A well-rounded Retirement Plan incorporates a tax strategy that considers potential liabilities. At our firm, we collaborate closely with experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to ensure the completeness of your plan. This collaborative effort includes utilizing sophisticated financial planning software to guide optimal tax decisions. Our services encompass various aspects, such as planning for Required Minimum Distributions, analyzing Roth Conversions, exploring tax-deferral opportunities, evaluating different account types, assessing titling options, and reviewing beneficiary designations. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to maximize your tax efficiency and enhance the effectiveness of your Retirement Plan.

Healthcare Planning

A comprehensive Retirement Plan must include a strategy to tackle the challenge of rising health care costs. Our approach typically includes the following key components: first, we work together to create a detailed plan that accounts for future health care expenses, taking into consideration potential medical needs and associated costs during retirement. Second, we thoroughly examine all aspects of Medicare, including Parts A, B, and D, to ensure you have a clear understanding of the available coverage options and can make informed decisions about your health care benefits. Lastly, we conduct a thorough analysis of various options for a Long-Term Care Plan, recognizing the importance of planning for extended care and its potential financial implications.

Legacy Planning

To efficiently pass on your assets to your beneficiaries, we collaborate with experienced Estate Planning Attorneys. This involves drafting, reviewing, or amending your Living Trust and Power of Attorney Documents, properly funding your Trust, updating account titles and beneficiaries, and creating a Grandchild/Child Life Plan. Through this comprehensive approach, we ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes and provide you with peace of mind about your estate plan.