To Retire With Confidence, You Need A Plan!

If you want to retire with confidence, you need a plan.


As you near retirement age or even within a decade or so, it is time to start doing some serious financial planning. Retiring with confidence is to develop a plan that makes sense for you and then, here’s the hard part…executing it.  Once the plan is in place it should be reviewed at least every year and/or every time you have a major life event like a wedding, buying a new house, change in job status, health issues etc., to make sure you’re on track


There are a number of risks we need to consider – those we know and don’t know. This includes increased longevity, inflation, family responsibilities (such as caring for parents), healthcare, and interest rates. All could have a major affect on finances and lifestyles.


Believe it or not, a couple with both spouses at age 65 today has a 50 percent chance one of them will live past 92, and a 25 percent chance one will live to 97, in which challenges can arise. Unless you have serious health risks or unfortunate heredity, basing your financial planning on a 95-year lifespan makes sense.


Peace of Mind Investing is built on a single premise that’s been time-tested through the Great Depression, two World Wars, and multiple other major events – yet is incredibly simple. The grand premise: stock prices rise over time, but the reality is you should follow these key points as a starting place:


  • First, set return goals based on the amount of risk you are willing to take. Think of it this way, how much am I comfortable losing if and when the market goes down.  Everyone is comfortable taking risk in an up market.


  • Second, never put at risk what you need to live on to cover your expenses.


  • Third, continually review and evaluate you plan making sure it adheres to your wants and needs satisfying you income needs.


  • Fourth, you need to make sure you are accounting for inflation and rising healthcare costs to ensure you don’t run out of money.


  • Finally, remember there is no retirement without income and that income has to be reliable and sustainable.


Retirees and pre-retirees must manage risk vigilantly. Withdrawals from a portfolio that sustains significant declines can accelerate the loss in value. Risk management is imperative and so is being an active participant in your planning process.


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